Chapter 6: 
How to Drive New Business with Facebook Ads

One of the most powerful and cost effective ways to drive new customers to your front door is to use Facebook Ads to put a great offer in front of a group of people that are likely to want it.


Even though Facebook Ads are a highly effective business growth tool, many business owners out there don't understand how to use them properly. It's a lot more complicated than just putting an offer together and then spending a little money to get it in front of a the surrounding community.


Facebook Ads work best when you put the correct offer in front of a specific audience in your community and give them a reason to take action on that offer immediately.


We run Facebook Ad Campaigns for a variety of clients and we've found that there is a pattern to building campaigns that work.


Let's break down the 4 major components of a great Facebook Ad Campaign.


The Anatomy of a Great Facebook Ad Campaign.

#1: A Jaw Dropping Offer for a Specific Audience.

One of the keys to creating an offer that works well for Facebook Ads is to create an offer that is specific to a small subset of people (and that doesn't fit other people at all). People want to believe that the reason they are getting a deal on something has to do with something special about them.

You'll see a drastic difference in your conversions when you create offers that are highly tailored to an audience. Facebook allows you to target these people directly in your community, so it only makes sense to customize the offer to speak directly to those audiences.


#2: A Great Landing Page to Get their Info.

The secret to campaigns that really work is to get people off of Facebook to present the offer.


A "Landing Page" is a special webpage that we create for our clients that allows us to present the offer and get their information without having all of the distractions of Facebook hurting our conversion.


#3: A Thank you Page to Push them to Action.

Once someone decides that they want the offer we put in front of them, and puts their information in on the "landing page", we want to send them to a special page that "accelerates" their conversion into a real customer.


To help get people to take action faster, we build a special webpage called a "thank you page" that pushes them to actually pick up the phone or come in to your business right away.


#4: An Eye Catching Facebook Ad Creative.

Once you create a great offer and create the pages that you can use to collect leads, you need a great way to put that in front of people.

A Great Facebook ad is "eye catching" and is also pointed at a very specific audience in your community.


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The Core Elements of a Facebook Ad that Generates New Business. 

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