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Wayne Atkinson in BC Kelowna
Introducing Wayne Atkinson, MD of Safe Online Marketing Ltd. Wayne has been helping businesses grow and succeed for most of his professional career. With over 35 years software development under his belt, which encompasses a large portfolio of software solutions, Wayne quickly noticed that traditional business and the recent online world was changing. Using his experience in software and marketing, he began developing Internet Marketing software in order to take advantage of this new era.

Wayne's IT career has spanned the entire spectrum of industries, from developing software and support for a UK Steel Company, to owning his own Software Business at the age of 24. Wayne ran this company, developing software and marketing solutions for over 10 years, before eventually moving back into the corporate world.

As exciting as a career can be, being part of new and cutting edge technology, Wayne decided that helping people was a passion and so has spent the last few years founding his own successful companies and business opportunities.
Through the many years online, Wayne has met and worked with many top digital 7 & 8 figure per year entrepreneurs and has gone on to help countless businesses implement highly effective marketing strategies. 

Wayne is a graduate of "The School of Hard Knocks" and is not ashamed to say that it hasn't been an easy ride. Wayne says, "For Every Project That Doesn't Succeed, Will Bring You One Step Closer To Success". It is this determination that has driven him to where he is today and why he feels his skillset is invaluable to helping others avoid failure.

Wayne soon saw a need in the marketplace to help existing entrepreneurs and budding wannabe entrepreneurs with the things that hold them back the most, implementing the proper marketing systems needed for them to be successful.

Today, Wayne and his dedicated team, continue to serve and provide the highest quality products, tools and services from design to creation. In short, we can take you from knowing nothing at all and once you have ventured into our system, it transforms not only your business life, but your personal life too. Let us bring your vision to life by helping you build an online marketing business like no other. What we have leads you by the hand, teaches you the steps and gives you 10X results in a turn-key service.

As you can see from the photos, Wayne was married (June 2017). Birtsmorton Court is a Grade I listed fortified medieval moated manor house near Malvern in Worcestershire, in the former woodlands of Malvern Chase in England.

It was a fabulous day, the weather was fantastic and the like would not have been possible if it were not for the advent of an Automated Business.

Now you can have this too.

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Wayne's Recent Wedding at Birtsmorton Court
Husband & Wife - Walking Across The Moat
"I invite you to start your journey with me and my team to see how we are bringing people, training, marketing and software together in order to bring success to everyone" 
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