Chapter 4:
Your Facebook Page and Why it's Extremely Important


Over the last few years, Facebook has taken steps that have made it harder for businesses to get their Facebook page's content to show up in the news feeds of people who like their page. This was done because there were so many business pages and personal pages competing for space and it only made sense to lend more space in a person's newsfeed to their personal relationships.


Many business owners started to believe that because their pages started vanishing from the newsfeed that there was no longer any reason to put any effort into creating new content for their page.


While the reasons for having a Facebook page for your business and posting to it often have changed, it is actually more important than ever due to one key reason.


Why Facebook Pages are More Important Now than Ever.

The role of a Facebook Page has changed dramatically in the last few years. Today a Facebook page is extremely valuable to businesses because it is the second place (behind only your website) that people search for when they are looking to know more about you.


More specifically, people go to your website to see your "professional image". They come to your Business' Facebook page to get a sense of your "business personality'.


Statistics show that people are overwhelmingly using Facebook as a "first hand source" of information about a business when they hear about them from a friend or from a more traditional marketing source (radio, tv, print, etc).


With the above in mind, I'd like to show you what we do to help our clients stay ahead of their competition and to use their Facebook page to convert new business every single week.


The 5 things Your Facebook Page Must Have:


 #1: A Professional Profile Picture with your Logo.

This Picture is going to be one of the key elements that people use to judge your business when they first land on your page or see something that you've promoted with a Facebook Ad (more on that soon). You need to make sure that it has your logo featured, looks professional, and isn't overly complicated.


#2: A Professional Cover Picture.

Your page's cover photo is a great place to showcase your staff, facility, or to give people a hint as to what your business is all about.


#3: An Auto-Response Message.

Your staff may not be able to answer every message that gets sent to your Facebook page right away. Because of that, we setup a quick auto-response message on all of our client's page that will let people know that we will answer their message soon, but to call the business at a certain number if they need help immediately. 


#4: A Completely Filled out Business Profile.

Remember, we are optimizing our page to help people find us when they use Facebook's search box. This means that we need to pay special attention to how we fill out our business' profile on Facebook. This is a great guide that will show you exactly what we do when we help a client with filling out their Business page profile. 


#5: Fresh Content Posted 2x Daily.

One of the most important things that you must do with your Facebook page is to make sure that it appears current and that it educates people about what you do. To appear current on Facebook (and to appeal to Facebook's algorithms, you should be posting content 2x a day on your page.


This is something that most of our client's don't have time to do, so we take over all of the content creation and posting duties for them. This is critical because it shows people who search for our page that the business is on top of things and paying attention to details. 


Watch Below: 

The Core Elements of a Facebook Page that Makes a Business Money. 

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