Chapter 7:
What is a Messenger Bot (and why you need one)

Messenger Bots are a relatively new technique in the Digital Marketing world, but one that we've had a ton of success with when implementing them for our clients.


A Messenger Bot is a way to leverage the fact that almost everyone out there answers their Facebook Messages right away. We can build very specific campaigns that act like a "Facebook Ad Campaign" (as discussed in the last chapter), but adds in a very personalized followup that happens right inside of Facebook Messenger.


What makes these so effective is that the potential customer feels like they are getting instant attention from your business when they start "talking" to your messenger bot.


Let's walk through an example of a messenger bot campaign.


An Example of an Effective Messenger Bot Campaign:


Step 1: Post a Great Offer on Your Page. 

We start off with a simple Facebook post that advertises a great offer. This post looks just like any other Facebook post on your page. The magic happens because we've connect a "bot" to listen for responses on the post and to "talk back" to people who comment.


Note: We also use a highly targeted Facebook ad to get our post more attention from the surrounding market.


Step 2: Ask people to Comment to Get the Offer. 

In the post that we created, we ask people to comment if they want to take advantage of the offer.


Step 3: The "Messenger Bot" Replies like a Human would. 


Our messenger bot will wait until someone comments on the post and then it springs into action.


Step 4: The "Messenger Bot" asks for More info.


After a little warm up conversation, our messenger bot ask for an email address or phone number so that we can connect with the prospect outside of Facebook.


Step 5: The Business connects with the Lead via Email and Leads to a Phone Call or Visit. 

We build an email autoresponder that follows up with the potential client and gets them to call or come in to claim the offer during business hours.


Watch Below: 

An Example Messenger Bot and How it All Works.

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