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Wayne Atkinson is 53 years old and an entrepreneur who lives in the United Kingdom. Wayne has been a software developer and product designer for 35 years and his fascination with computers started at a very young age.

When Wayne was just 13, disassembling early computer games (Sinclair ZX81, Spectrum and Commodore 64) was a hobby. This produced a taste and a flare for understanding computers, I guess Wayne just had that "it" whatever "it" is that you need to be able to make computers do what you want them to do.

At the age of 18, having self taught programming to a reasonable level, Wayne applied for an assistant's job in the IT dept of a local Steel Company. This was a very bold move as it was around the time that the office environment was getting IBM PC's planted on them and were becoming a strong asset to the working world. Still using MS DOS, Wayne quickly became part of the IT dept and wrote many useful tools such as Bonus Systems and Quotation Systems for the company. Wayne was there five years before everyone was made redundant due to bad management decisions higher up than Wayne's influence.

By this time, Wayne had been supporting five companies around the UK and so Wayne and his manager at the time, decided to combine strengths and form their own company. At the age of 23, Wayne became self employed and a director of his own software company. This new company developed many different software apps for all sorts of businesses, from Time and Attendance to Traceability Systems for the Fresh Fruit Industry.

Five years into the new company, one of Wayne's clients offered a deal for them to quit the company and go and work for the client. This was appealing for Wayne's business partner, but Wayne declined and bought out his partners shares in the business and continued on his own. This is where the real Entrepreneur bug started to take hold. Having worked for himself for 5 years and now 28 years old, Wayne knew at this stage in his life that he wasn’t for the corporate world and finding his own destiny was by far and away more important.

Five more years past with Wayne at the helm of the company. Things were going well, as he bought his first house, had a BMW sports car, all good (back in 1998/9)….until, he made his first managerial mistake.......



The backbone and the company behind everything Wayne does online, from marketing to software development. Safe Online also own their own servers so hosting a finished solution is all part of the service.

If you have an idea, but don't know where to start, then contact Wayne today. He has 30 years experience in the IT and Software/Product development world and has taken ideas from just a meeting and a few notes, to a fully fledged completed product and/or application.

Web Design

Safe Online Marketing are at the forefront of Web Design standards and technologies. From Static to Responsive websites, Phone Apps to E-Commerce websites, Safe Online Marketing are here to meet your requirements.

Web Development

Safe Online Marketing use the latest frameworks and platforms to ensure all our websites and applications are developed in line with industry standards and requirements.

SEO Services

Safe Online Marketing will improve your organic visibility, get people engaged with your brand and monitor the results. Our SEO and social team help our clients promote themselves successfully and in a Safe manner that the search engines like.

Internet Marketing

Advice, Tools and Strategies from our many years of experience in Internet Marketing, can now be leveraged by you and your company.


RSSMasher Technology is an Automated Content Marketing system all wrapped up into a cloud based SAAS (Software As A System).

Keeping a website upto date is a daunting affair and can take many hours every day to keep on top of. The art of producing fresh and upto date content is a difficult task and one that can very often need full time employees to manage.

Back in January 2019, we set to solving this problem for ourselves, by creating a tool that would always have an endless supply of content, but also be able to manipulate the content by adding our own "Money Hooks" to it or even remove parts that we didn't want.


RSS Feeds

The software is designed to takes RSS Feeds, from websites that have the kind of content you require, and pull the articles from them ready for you to manipulate into your own. You can then use the system to remove parts of the content, parts of the HTML, strip out links, add auto citations and of course monitise the content by adding affiliate links or ads.

YouTube videos can also be embedded by simply adding a Channel or a Playlist. Everytime a new video is released, RSSMasher Technology will pick it up and use it.

Not only do we build a new unique RSS Feed, we also store the articles in the database ready for posting.



Now that you have content, you can use the inbuilt scheduler to push the articles to other sources, like your own niche website or company specific website. The software can auto post to Wordpress and Blogger, keeping your sites upto date and more importantly, freeing you of the time resource that such an activity takes.


Social Media

So, you have your website auto built, with fresh content and money links, but you need traffic!

RSSMasher Technology has Integrations to allow automation to Twitter, Pinterest, Blogger, Facebook, Integromat and Zapier. This enables distribution of your content and to create backlinks to your articles. Tier 1 and Tier 2 backlinks are possible via the scheduler and auto connection to Link Processor.

Twitter Re-Tweeting is also possible with our new additions to the Twitter tools.


Over the last 12-14 months, we have developed a marketing tool that has generated into a Must Have software, particularly if you are a Marketing Agent, a Blogger or Affiliate Marketer.


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What seemed to be impossible, took approx four years to manifest. Wayne and his team pulled together knowledge and software to create FairOptions. A cloud based membership system, that analyses UK and Eire Horse Racing form data, using proprietary computer algorithms.
Whether you're a veteran punter or just wanting the edge on your bookie, FairOptions is the very tool you need in your betting arsenal.

Get The Advantage
Our AI system analyses all past history of the runners in each race, identifying horses that have a distinct advantage. This gives us the extra confidence to make our selections and turn a profit.
Everything is analysed, from weight to class to distance to jockey and so much more that the nested process happens on a super powerful server every night and early morning, ready for the next days betting.

Strike Rate
FairOptions launched in April 2018 and after 1678 selections (as at Aug 2019), it is enjoying a 38% strike rate and converted a bank of £1,000 into £41,190
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Ultimate Lotologist (or UL as it came to be known), was a complete game changer in the Internet Marketing Niche. Wayne's idea was to design, build and give away for free the entire system in order to give back to the masses (people that had never ever made so much as a $1 online, but lost $00's or even $000's in other online networking systems).

UL was an idea that Wayne had had 10 years prior to him designing and developing it. It launched in 2014 and was a great success attracting many thousands of members in a very short time. 

Lottery memorabilia is a big trend and Ultimate Lotologist is where you can share pictures of your memorabilia, such as Lottery Instants (Scratch Cards) and Lottery Tickets. This allows you to show other users from all over the world, what you have in your collection. The site also allows you to convert gallery items into auctions, so that you can auction off your most collectible cards and/or duplicates to the highest bidder.

UL also has a very unique sharing system built into it which uses physical scratch cards as the incentive to share....This was the clever hook that attracted a lot of people in the UK.
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